Plastic Profiles


Our more than considerable expertise as extruders in STACMID and STACPOL has allowed us to launch new types of extruded profiles and from that experiene the new STACPLAST division was born.

The launch of STACPLAST relies on 2 new extrusion lines: one being for Rigid PVC, ABS etc, and the other being co-extrusion.

The extrusion of these materials adds an alternative and/or complement to polyamide and increases the number of solutions for the growing need of plastic profiles in the different types of building en closures as well as the technical profile.


In order to be able to give increased cover to our clients, the technical department at Staplast has recently incorporated new technology to br able to carry out thermal transmission test.

By using specialised sohtware, the quantity of heat that passes through a window by time, by ares and by differences in temperature is calculated according to UNE-EN ISO 10077-2 norms.

In this way the profile capacity is checked in order to avoid thermal transfer.

The thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) for PVC-r is 0.17 W/mk

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